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Lipids show promise for diagnosing and understanding Alzheimer’s disease

"Using advanced lipidomics technology developed by Dr Kevin Huynh at the Baker Institute, the team was able to demonstrate in Nature Communications how it is now feasible for researchers to examine in detail the comprehensive plasma lipidome in a human population to better understand how our metabolism is altered in Alzheimer’s disease."


Win in war on disease — Sunday Herald Sun

"In a groundbreaking discovery, Melbourne's Baker Institute has found lipids in the blood are markers for [Alzheimer’s disease]. the deadly condition, in which people lose their memory and eventually their day-to-day function."


First-of-its-kind biomarker to determine our ‘metabolic’ age

A team at the Baker Institute is developing a ‘metabolic BMI’ and ‘metabolic age’ to help people better understand how well their metabolism is working and when they need to intervene to prevent disease.